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本文摘要:111Time would heal almost all wounds . If your wounds have not been healed up , please wait for a short while.时间险些会愈合所有伤口,如果你的伤口还没有愈合,请给时间一点时间。


111Time would heal almost all wounds . If your wounds have not been healed up , please wait for a short while.时间险些会愈合所有伤口,如果你的伤口还没有愈合,请给时间一点时间。121Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass . it's about learning to dance in the rain.人生不是坐等狂风雨已往,而是学会在雨中起舞。131If you're brave enough to say GOODBYE , life will reward you with a new HELLO.只要你勇敢地说出再见,生活一定会赐予你一个新的开始。141Nobody can go back and start a new beginning , but anyone can start today and make a new ending.没有人可以回到已往重新开始,但谁都可以从今日开始,书写一个全然差别的了局。

151The minute you think of giving up , think of the reason why you held on so long .在你想要放弃的那一刻,想想为什么当初坚持走到了这里。161Never think hard about past . It brings tears... Don't think more about future . It brings fears ... live this moment with a smile . It brings cheers.不要太想念已往,因为它会给你带来伤心;不要太思考未来,因为它会带给你恐惧;用微笑活在当下,它会带来快乐。171If we didn't have stupid thoughts, we'd have no interesting thoughts at all.如果没有傻乎乎的想法,我们就不会撞上有意思的点子。

181Be alike flower . Spread beauty and happiness wherever you stay , irrespective of your surroundings.像花儿一样,无论身在那边,不管周遭情况如何,都依然潇洒的绽放自己的漂亮,活出自己的精彩。191Having a pretty face is attractive but having a beautiful personality is the "Main attraction".有一张漂亮的面庞很吸引人,但有一颗优美的心灵才是最大的亮点。1101Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take , but by the moments that take our breath away.生活,不是用我们呼吸了几多下来权衡的,而是要看我们几多次屏住呼吸。1111Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first , the lesson afterwards.履历是个很苛刻的老师,因为她总是一上来就把你考倒,然后才给你上课。


1121A man can't ride your back unless it is bent.你的腰不弯,别人就不能骑在你的背上。1131Logic will get you from A to B , Imagination will take you everywhere.——Albert.Einstein逻辑会带你从A点到达B点,想象力将把你带到任何地方。

——爱因斯坦1141The stupid speak of the past , the wise of the present , and fools of the future.愚蠢的人谈已往,智慧的人谈现在,傻子才谈未来。1151Only in the dictionary , will success appear before work.只有在字典里,乐成才泛起在事情之前。1161People always say that it's too late . However , in fact , now is the best appropriate time . For a man who really wants to seek for something , every period of life is younger and timely.——Anna Mary Robertson有人总说已经晚了。实际上,现在就是最好的时光。

对于一个真正有所追求的人来说,生命的每个时期都是年轻和实时的,——摩西奶奶1171It's not about how badly you want something . It's about what you are capable of!——Zootopia光有志向是不够的,重要的是你的能力——《疯狂动物城》1181Fate as hand palm , no matter how tortuous , is always in their own hands.运气如同手中的掌纹,无论多曲折,终掌握在自己手中。1191It will never rain roses . When we want to have more roses , we must plant more trees.——George Eliot天空可不会下玫瑰雨。

想要更多的玫瑰花,我们就得栽下更多的树。——乔治·艾略特1201I believe that if life gives you lemons , you should make lemonade...And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka , and have a party.我认为如果生活给了你柠檬,你应该把它们做成柠檬汁。接下往复寻找那些拿到伏特加的人,然后开一个派对。


1211You never saw a very busy person who was unhappy.你从没见过一个忙碌的人不快乐。1221It is impossible to win the great prizes in life without running risks.不冒险,怎么能赢得人生中的种种精彩?1231A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.许多人以为他们在思考,但实际上只是重新摆设自己的偏见。1241When I thought I couldn't go on , I forced myself to keep going . My success is based on persistence , not luck.每当想要放弃时,就强迫自己继续前进。

因为我相信,我的乐成泉源于坚持,而不是幸运。1251Don't forget to promise to myself to do , don't forget promised to go to your place , no matter how hard it is , how far is it.别忘了允许自己要做的事情,别忘了允许自己要去的地方,无论有多灾,有多远。1261Crying is introverted , not the external open minded , but humor can make people the courage to produce power.哭是内向的,无法对外敞开胸襟,反倒是诙谐会让人鼓足勇气,发生气力。

1271This moment nap , you will have a dream . But this moment study , you will interpret a dream.现在瞌睡,你将做梦;而现在学习,你将圆梦。1281Well , life isn't always what one likes , isn't it?恩,人生不会尽如人意,不是吗?。